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  • Mood: Artistic
I have a really bad habit of just ignoring DA when I'm going through an artblock

I really gotta stop ^^;


I say, as I'm just going to turn my computer off and watch a movie

Haha, I'm pretty terrible.
Captain Jack Nelson by AwesomebyAccident
Captain Jack Nelson
Colony Profile

Name: Jack Nelson**
Age: 20-30* 
Alias(es): N/A **
Threat level: N/A**
Specialties/Strengths: N/A**
Weaknesses: N/A**
Groups: Civillian
Background: Jack Nelson's parents were both from Grey zones outside of the Silver Distinct capital who  illegally crossed into the Colony territory so that their son would be born in the Silver District, thus a legal citizen. The Nelsons lived undetected until their son was six years old when they were discovered to be living in the District illegally. The parents were deported back to the Grey zone and their son put up for adoption.

The boy was taken in by the well off Dalliston family where he and his adopted sister were in close contact with the powerful Lennon family and often played with their only daughter Bryce Lennon. It is suspected that their play dates included Lennon teaching them the self defense techniques she herself was learning, as Nelson was already skilled in physical combat when he was drafted into the Colony military at twenty five years of age.

The Draft required that all non-native men and women who had lived in the Districts for less that thirty years report for five years of military serves on the edge of Colony territory. Nelson was stationed at a base in the on the outskirts of the Bronze District, where he worked with befriended Colony researcher Ivan Volkov for three years before he was caught downloading sensitive Colony information for wanted vigilante Nacunda. Nelson was detained for treason and send to a facility deep in the Black Zone.

Nelson's fate afterwords is unknown

*Colony policy on subject profiles is to list ages in ranges of 10 years 
**As Jack Nelson had been detained before the rise of the Scoria and Nova factions, he is listed as a civilian and therefore no information on his allegiance is available
  • Mood: Artistic
I need to practice drawing chibis and I need some points so why not kill two birds with one stone and have a sale?

Chibi with basic shading: 50 :points:
Chibi with additional/atmospheric shading: 70 :points:
Chibi with additional/atmospheric shading and background imagery: 80 :points:
Chibi with complete background and additional/atmospheric shading: 100 :points:

I'd love to give examples of my work, but like I said, I need to practice actually drawing chibis so I'm afraid you'll have to go about without a visual aid. 

That said, my usual commissions are open as well. Not exclusive to Mario OCs, that just so happens to be what I draw a lot

Bust shots: 50 :points:

Amarante's New Crown by AwesomebyAccident

Full body single character: :100 points:
Princess Ayane- Point comission by AwesomebyAccident

Couples (Only OCxOC or OcxObscure character): 200 :points: 
One Dance won't Change your Life by AwesomebyAccident

*Please note a background will cost extra

Group Pictures:  100 :points: with an additional 50 :points: for per character, for example the picture below would cost 100 :points: plus 50 for the additional characters totaling to 200 :points: for this image, not including the background)

What is a reason to wreck hopes and all our dreams by AwesomebyAccident

Add a background for an extra 100 :points:
Pantomime by AwesomebyAccident
sneaks on to DA to post this

An original character of mine, Jill Lennon (Codename: Pantomime)

Jill Lennon thought she knew how the world was, but after her mother Bryce Lennon died from side effects of a chemical accident at one of their factories, Jill became the heir to multimillion dollar company Lennon Inc. After the funeral, Jill returned to her childhood home and discovered her mother's secret: before Jill was born, Bryce had been the once famous vigilante Nacunda. Now evidence is piling up that her mother's death may not have been an accident.

Together with her best friend and side kick,Kathryn Walker (code name: Caracal), and the artificial intelligence programLennon Intelligence Series Analog 'Lisa", Jill follows in her mother's footsteps, taking on the identity of Pantomime as she tracks down her Nacunda's former allies, retired super villains, and collects clues to uncover the truth behind her mother's death. Along the way, she discovers that the benevolent government group known as New Foundations may be hiding devastating secrets, traitors hide among her mother's friends, and the life she's lived since her father's death when she was four may be a lie. And what does the long vanished villain the King of Spades have to do with all of this?

Suddenly Jill's own origins are in question and the world isn't as simple as she thought.

Pantomime mostly uses unarmed combat techniques, the same style her mother used when she was a crime fighter, making her easily recognizable by Nacunda's allies. In addition, she also uses a number of electrified projectile weapons for long range combat, and gas bombs. She has fast reflexes and a knack for predicting her opponents moves that border precognitive. Pantomime is ruthless, beating enemies within an inch of their lives, and if her partner Caracal isn't there to keep her in check, she has been known to go as far as to kill without remorse.

This drawing of Pantomime could have come out better, I mean it's not my worst, but I know I fucked up the proportions, but god that background came out gorgeously.

Jill Lennon/Pantomime and related character belong to me 
Princess Azura by AwesomebyAccident
Princess Azura
Little thank you present for Jany-chan17 for this lovely picture of Princess Narcissa she did!


Azura's such a beautiful character too, this was really fun to draw. Hope you like it~


AwesomebyAccident has started a donation pool!
378 / 4,000
I want to buy a 12 month premium membership and have some left over for things like Point commisions and other cool stuff. Help me out?

My Prices

Bust shots: 50 points
Adoptables: 100 points
Full body single character: 100 points
Couples (Only OCxOC or OcxObscure character): 200 points

Add a background for an extra 100 points

You must be logged in to donate.
  • Mood: Artistic
I have a really bad habit of just ignoring DA when I'm going through an artblock

I really gotta stop ^^;


I say, as I'm just going to turn my computer off and watch a movie

Haha, I'm pretty terrible.


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BROFIST ..........
AwesomebyAccident Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015
-Answers a weeks late- Thanks you, I had a great birthday
HopeUzumaki15 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015
Happy Birthday Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] 
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Happy birthday, enjoy your day.
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Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a good day!
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Happy birthday! :la: :party: :cake:
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Happy Birthday Zae~! =D!!
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Happy Birthday~! <3
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Happy Birthday! ^^
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