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You're Safe Here, Little Dreamer by AwesomebyAccident
You're Safe Here, Little Dreamer
Except she's not. She's really not.

Have you ever had a dream that's so perfectly wonderful it's a tad suspicious? Nothing seems immediately wrong, and nothing's happened so far to make you feel that way, but there's just something about it, something that puts you on edge, even when you wake up?

This image is the first of, I hope many, pictures of the official collab between myself and AnimeGang. I've been feeling for a while that Narcissa's story was missing something, and after a thorough discussion of the possibility of collabs with Anne, we have two princessy collabs in the works. This one inserts Daffodil into the war between Dreams and Nightmares as she is Kidnapped by the Nightmare and soldiers, for her use as a potential Dream Master. The Nightmare takes on a form similar to that of Narcissa, whom Daffodil has already befriended, in order to trick Daffodil into trusting her.

I'm super excited about these collabs, and would like to collab with other members of MLG, if anyone is interested, contact me. I also hope we'll encourage others to do collabs too, it's really fun and just think what great stories the girls at MLG could come up with together.

Belladonna (c) myself
Daffodil (c) Animegan
  • Mood: Artistic
I'm sorry to say, but I really have to back out of it, school and such kind of made me lose my inspiration for my character. However if you were, and still are, super excited about the thing, go on over and talk to GrappleMace who will take over as project leader.
The Grand Meister- First Look + Color test by AwesomebyAccident
The Grand Meister- First Look + Color test
Look what I finally got off my butt and did.

Originally slated to be the evil force the Piper and Lillian and all their friends fight at the end of their story, the Grand Meister now has a staring role in Narcissa's as well, and is a behind the scenes force in Nora's too. I bet if I tried, I could work him into Amarante's as well, but for now, we'll stick with what we've got.

Every 1000 years, one Dream and one Nightmare can ascend into our reality. 1000 years ago, The Grand Meister appeared in the desert of Darnesia where he combated, and ultimately failed against the Piper and was banished to a shadowy realm until he established contact with a woman named Izbel who he manipulated into freeing him. Not gonna go into details, but of course, Lillian and the others defeat him, once again trapping the ascended Nightmare in his shadowy prison.

1000 years after his ascension, another Nightmare arises, taking on a similar form to the ascended Dream and calling herself Belladonna. Belladonna endeavors to free the Grand Meister once more in order to act out a plan 2000 years in the making. Again, not going into details, but she too is defeated by Narcissa and her friends.

Finally, a world away, a totally different battle is waged, and the maddened princess Nora is banished into the same shadow realm as the Grand Meister, followed by her loyal adviser the Priest Eliezer. Through forces I once more shall not go into detail about, Nora and Eliezer escape from their prison, unknowingly carrying pieces of the Grand Meister's spirit out with them, furthering each of their insanity.

EditYes that cobra there is his tail, but it has it's own brain and the two heads converse with each other, not quite separate personalities, but almost.
Whatever, Man! *arttrade* by AwesomebyAccident
Whatever, Man! *arttrade*
I hate this picture, I hate it I hate it I hate it

Arttrade with :devCaptor-Variety-Girl:

I am so, so sorry about how terrible this is. I think I exhausted my drawing abilities on contest prizes and previous art trades. If this had been a commission like you originally wanted, I would have sent the points back and asked you to come to me again when I had a breather, but since you already did your half of the trade I didn't want to back out.

I did like fifteen sketches trying to find a good pose but nothing seemed quite right so I went with the one that at least looked kind a cool and then kept screwing it up from there. By the time I got the line art done I absolutely hated it, but it was so overdue I didn't want to start over (oh, and sorry about changing his shoes, I really hate drawing feet and you REALLY don't want to know how bad this looked when I failed at the flip flops). With that disaster already underway, I started coloring and wow, his skin is the only thing that came out nice, the hair's a mess and I just plain out gave up trying to make his clothes nice.

I'm sorry

I hope you can find something to like about it, meanwhile I'm just going to go sit in my shame corner and weep
.:Quite Elegant:. Contest Prize by AwesomebyAccident
.:Quite Elegant:. Contest Prize
For a princess who forgot her crown XD

Sorry, no, the fault is mine, I forgot to draw her crown and didn't notice until I went to color it. Oopsie. :laughing:

I started out trying to draw a brick background, but that didn't turn out well so instead I did a plaster wall and to give it more atmosphere, a portrait of her mother and a window (originally I was going to have a potted plant too, but I thought that made the picture a little cramped.)

Hope you like your prize Pallypie


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I want to buy a 12 month premium membership and have some left over for things like Point commisions and other cool stuff. Help me out?

My Prices

Bust shots: 50 points
Adoptables: 100 points
Full body single character: 100 points
Couples (Only OCxOC or OcxObscure character): 200 points

Add a background for an extra 100 points

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  • Mood: Artistic
I'm sorry to say, but I really have to back out of it, school and such kind of made me lose my inspiration for my character. However if you were, and still are, super excited about the thing, go on over and talk to GrappleMace who will take over as project leader.


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