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Do you ever start reading a book series that just sucks you in so deeply that you totally forget about other things and do like bare minimum internet stuff because you're so dedicated to the story, the characters, and the world that when you finally finish it's like "Yooooooo, what'd I miss?"


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SU - Emerald x Topaz by AwesomebyAccident
SU - Emerald x Topaz
More Gem OCs, these are Emerald and (Yellow) Topaz, aka tiny scared lesbian and tiny angry lesbian. They fuse together to form Variscite, but I don't have a picture of her yet.

Topaz was a guard in Yellow Diamond's court, one day a mysterious stranger wandered in with no memory of who she was or where she came from. The poor gem, identified as an Emerald, was immediately imprisoned. Topaz visited Emerald often, befriending and growing strong feelings for her, and finally helping her escape. The two of them were hunted by other members of Yellow Diamond's guard, Topaz is a  fierce little warrior, but couldn't hold them off for very long.

Topaz and Emerald were going to be killed and have their gems sent off to Earth to be added to the cluster, but Emerald interfered, saving Topaz by accidentally fusing with her. The newly formed Variscite was lost and given up for dead, and escaped to Earth where she has been in hiding ever since.
SU - Tiger's Eye by AwesomebyAccident
SU - Tiger's Eye
Eh, since I've made an appearance back on DA I might as well upload some more of my art. This is one of my Gem OCs from Steven Universe.

Name: Tiger’s Eye, prefer’s to be called by the full name, but doesn’t mind just Tiger.

Loyalty: First to Homeworld, then to Earth

Special ability: Super strength 

Weapon: Her bare hands actually she has gauntlets like Garnet, but she only uses them if she can’t just rip her enemy in half. 

Personality: Loud and Proud, confident and protective, a real mother-hen type to Smaller gems (she’s like a quarter of an inch shorter than Jasper) health nut, just a little vain

Hobbies: Vigorous exercise and training sessions,  weight lifting, long naps afterwards, lecturing everyone she meets about the benefits of eating healthy and maintaining a good work out routine.

Likes: Earth, rock music (She’s a fan of Greg Universe, but her favorite song is unashamedly “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor)

Background: Tiger’s Eye was a foot soldier grown for the war but before she was deployed the rebels won. She then spent many years as a guard for several higher ranked gems before being assigned by Yellow Diamond to act as an escort to a survey team looking for new planets to colonize. While on this mission, Tiger’s Eye intercepted several transmission messages from Rose Quartz inviting all willing Gems to come join her on Earth.

Rose’s description of the planet’s beauty captured Tiger’s imagination, and her declaration that on Earth they could live as they wished was tempting, however, Tiger’s Eye only dreamed about going for a long time, until Rose’s messages spoke of her human friend Greg Universe and sent a copy of his music out. Tiger’s Eye went awol, intending at first only to go see for herself Earth and return to Homeworld, but like Rose, she fell in love with the planet and decided to make her home there.

Reunion by AwesomebyAccident
Emerges from tumblr hell long enough to post a pixel doll I've been working on for a few months on and off. Which may be the best I've done, at least on the hair.

Base by ...? I can't seem to find the base artist's DA page??? the link I had to it isn't working, so I suspect they may have changed their user name and I don't know what it would be now. I'll be happy to link to it if someone can help me identify the base maker!
Do you ever start reading a book series that just sucks you in so deeply that you totally forget about other things and do like bare minimum internet stuff because you're so dedicated to the story, the characters, and the world that when you finally finish it's like "Yooooooo, what'd I miss?"


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