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March 11, 2012
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'I'll Always be your Hero...' by AwesomebyAccident 'I'll Always be your Hero...' by AwesomebyAccident
I felt after all the good feed back I got on my little BxP rant on “The Chaos Heart Unleashed” [link] I should explain why I prefer MarioxPauline over MarioxPeach and I seriously do.

Prepare for second long winded explanation. -deep breath number two-

So Mario as we all know, is a bit of a man-whore whom we can build a legitimate case for him having a romantic relationship with just about every female character in the entire Mario universe, (and some of the guys if you're into that -wink wink-). So why Pauline?

Its sort of symbolic for me I guess. Pauline was the first girlfriend he ever rescued form an adversary that had kidnapped his lady. This one girl opened him up to the world of heroism, with out her he might have been fixing toilets his entire life. Think I'm wrong? Do you really think a plumber with no experience facing almost impossible odds would really have thought he was capable of saving kidnapped princesses? Pauline is responsible for making Mario the hero he is, even if people don't realize it. If Mario were to get himself settled down with a woman, it should be the one who did the most for him.

That said, I also think they look best together. Most of the characters Mario is paired with are either princesses, or not human. The fact that he's a plumber makes a lot of people swoon and say its true love for him and Peach/Daisy/Rosalina/Whoever/Random-Princess-OC :trollface:. Admittedly, that is sweet, but realistically it would never happen. Fantasy or not, no one would ever make Mario into king just because he married the princess, he is not fit to be a ruler, he has no knowledge of running kingdoms, and he's always hopping off on adventures. As for the non human characters, well if that floats your boat, fine, if it doesn't I don't really need to elaborate, but personally I just don't see it.

Pauline is not a princess, she an average citizen like him, she's human, and someone we already know is a good match for him. Maybe they only broke up because Mario was always out rescuing other girls and Pauline couldn’t go with him, who knows. I think it would be really sweet for them to rekindle their old love.

And also she's the only girl Mario has any sort of relationship with that he hasn't had to share with his brother: note the abundance of LuigixPeach Luigi/MarioxDaisy, Luigi/MarioxRosalina ect, but I haven't seen any LuigixPauline shippers.

Okay, I know what your going to ask now. “If U leik Bowsah and Peeech, why not ship D.K and Palline?”

Well...This is what is said about DK and Pauline's relationship according to the Mario Wiki:

“Donkey Kong has a strange relationship with Pauline. It is made obvious early on that Donkey Kong has a strong infatuation with the woman fueling his kidnappings. These actions seem to occur through childish mood swings when he doesn't get what he wants, when taken by Donkey Kong, Pauline seems very frightened but, is quick to forgive him once he has calmed down. It is implied she finds his crush on her sweet but is genuinely scared of him when he becomes angry. The two appear to be on friendly terms most of the time with occasional spats. It is however shown in Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis that while kidnapped Donkey Kong keeps Pauline is a room lined with gifts, food and treats so that she is comfortable and later he is remorseful for his actions. Overall Donkey Kong and Pauline are on good terms; Donkey Kong only occasionally putting their friendship on rocky ground through jealous and greedy actions. Pauline also seems skilled at soothing his rages. “

The use of the words “strange”, “infatuation”, “childish” and “crush” , sort of make it sound like a a little boy with a crush on his first grade teacher, something DK will grow out of eventually. I just don't see it. The fact that Pauline is “ genuinely scared of him” doesn't help. No one should ever have to be afraid of the person they love (note that Peach isn't afraid of Bowser) and though Pauline can calm DK down when he's angry, again it just sounds like a child with a crush on an adult.

And again I think it says a lot that Mario comes back to save Pauline, even though at the point of “Mario VS Donkey Kong: March of the Minis” they are no longer a couple. Pauline still refers to him as her hero, and Mario doesn't show any objections to her. I still think they have feelings for each other, but they still feel a little awkward about their relationship after their break up.

Now since I mentioned it in my BowserxPeach rant, I need to add it in my MarioxPauline rant. The Fans. There are few to no MarioxPauline Fanfiction, which sort of makes me sad. When I do see them, Peach is either not mentioned at all, or portrayed in a good light, a sort of angle that says, “I'm happy as long as Mario's happy.” With Pauline its a different story, she is not acknowledged at all in most fics with MarioxPeach, and if she is, I've seen her portrayed as a 'mistake' of Mario's, just barely mentioned as a past girlfriend, and more often she has been villainized into a seductive bitch planning to kill Peach in order to win Mario back, and in more than one, even teaming up with Bowser to do so. This is a completely unfair portrayal of Pauline, and I object fully to Pauline and Peach being enemies, I would love to see somebody write fic or draw a picture with them as friends. Just because they've been in a relationship with the same man doesn't mean they need to hate each other, grow up people!

Seriously, some MarioxPeach fans can be such brats...


....Okay I think I'm done for now, if I think of anything else to say about this, I'll add it.

On an artistic note, I love how Pauline came out, she looks gorgeous. Mario looks a little weird to me, but I just don't know how to fix it. DK looks especially weird, but that's because he's been beaten up (and I didn't bother using a reference so that's all from memory). You can see I put effort into Mario and Pauline while I was coloring, but sometime while I was working on the background I sort of got lazy and I just didn't try at all on DK.

This has absolutely nothing to do with why I like MarioxPauline (Mauline? Marline? Which sounds better?)...But this picture sort of reminds me of my Mom and Dad. Both Mario and my dad are short, fat, and, I suspect, balding (Seriously, why else is he always hiding under that hat?), whereas both Pauline and my mom, are tall and pretty. This does not mean my parents look like Mario and Pauline. My dad is a redneck with a beard that earned him the nickname 'Gimli' until the bosses at the new company he worked for made him cut his hair and trim the beard. Pauline is a red-brunette, my mom is blonde. I think it has something to do with the pose. Sometimes when my mom is sitting in her chair in the living room, Dad will come over, lean down and kiss her, I totally did not intend for this...but I think its sweet.

So here we have my final picture, with Mario coming to save his Beloved, and deciding once and for all the she's the one he's truly meant to be with...


Saw one word about MarioxPeach being the better pairing and I will hide the comments. I don't want to start a shipping war.
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Luigidabest Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"As for the non human characters, well if that floats your boat, fine, if it doesn't I don't really need to elaborate, but personally I just don't see it".

How can you say you don't see it. I thought you loved BowserxPeach. But then again it doesn't really float my boat either.
That comment meaning specifically for my shipping of Mario who has basically been paired with every character in the franchise. I do love BowserxPeach, because they have some canon material and some pretty sweet chemistry when Bowser isn't being an Evil bullhead, but as for Mario, personally I don't see a lot of chemistry for him and some of the non-human characters he's commonly paired up with (after you did through the massive piles of Meach fanart and fiction).

Take for example, I have seen someone pair him with Toadette,  Goombella, Vivian ect. People can ship whatever they want, but I just don't see Mario as being in a  romantic relationship with certain characters. Understand?
Luigidabest Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, I understand. And, well, I don't ship Mario with non-human characters either. I don't really go for "canon" or "popular" pairings, I have to say. I'm one of those people to ship RosalinaxLuigi.
And I agree. Peach and Pauline would probably be love rivals for Mario, but I don't think they would be enemies. Love rivals don't necessarily have to be enemies. Amy and Sally are good examples of this. Both of them have feelings for Sonic, but they still remain friends.
Yeah, I support LuigixRosalina, but I also support LuigixDaisy. So I like to picture Rosalina and Daisy as love rivals for Luigi, but they still remain friends. They aren't really enemies. Rather, they are just two people after the affection of the same person.
I support Mario and Luigi with all girls to be honest. Because they're cool like that :XD:.
I usually only ever ship one character with another at a time, the pairing them with anyone else make me feel like their slutting it out.
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