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January 20, 2013
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Perfect Couples Don't Exis- by AwesomebyAccident Perfect Couples Don't Exis- by AwesomebyAccident
Some of you might recognize the "Perfect Couples Don't Exis-" meme(?) where people title thing such and it us immediately followed by their OTP?

Here's a version with my OCs Alice and Maddigan, a modern Alice and her Mad Hatter. One of Maddigan's many talents is to say up yours to gravity hence why his is standing on a wall without either his hat falling off or his coat dangling.

Part of Maddigan's curse made his clothes all rot fade so that you can no longer tell what color it was supposed to be, and so I've been considering what color he should be dressed in. I gave the black a sort of greenish hint this time, but I think that makes him look a little bit like a leprechaun, what do you think? Any suggestions about colors?
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this photo just draws me in. I really like how you've created an atmosphere where Maddigan has super natural powers. That makes this really interesting. you also did a nice job on the clothes and hair. You should consider writing a fan fiction for these two. They are really cute together. I also really like the name maddigan. It's a really cool and original name. Did you invent it yourself? What is the origin of the name? I like how he has a slight greenish tint to him that is really cool. You've done a very nice job on this piece and I would love to see more of your work.
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Look'n good thar Sis
He doesn't look like a leprechaun! XD He looks amazing as is.
And I love how Alice looks, her outfit is awesome! :D They look adorable together.
color suggestions?

Purple is good if you want him to look once affluent and well-to-do, especially if it's also brocade.

Blue would make him look tasteful, especially if it's a dark blue. plus, matching color schemes are always cute with couples

Red implies daring and boldness, and everything stereotypically Spanish

Yellow gives off a cheerful vibe, or wealthy one, depending on the shade and brightness

Orange is also cheerful, and has the feeling of springtime about it

Brown generally gives the sense of humility, purity of the heart, and overall kindness to all living things.

does this help at all?
As much as I appreciate it, no it doesn't really help. I'm trying to avoid using color associations with personality types with Maddigan because he's mad and thus his periodic mood shifts make it really hard for people to know what he's really like.
why not make his clothing multicolored?
That's the problem, which colors I don't want him to clash... I need to stop being so picky about colors.
may I design a coat for him?
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