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January 1, 2013
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You'll Go Great With The Tea by AwesomebyAccident You'll Go Great With The Tea by AwesomebyAccident
Someday I may pull this up and wonder what the hell I was thinking, but for now we'll call it what it is, one of the best pictures I have ever done. Period.

And my first picture of 2013! Ahaha Happy New Year people!

So these are Alice Little and Hatter Maddigan, versions of the classic Alice and Mad Hatter created by my twin sister ~gigglemeister and I. One of the many down sides to Maddigan's maddnes is that it makes it all but impossible to tell when he's joking or not...another being that its within the realms of possibility that he may forget that he's only joking. If he is joking, anyway XD

When I finished the lineart for this I asked my sis if I should ink it and color it traditionally, or if I should do it digitally, she replied "Whatever you want" Which was not REMOTELY helpful, so what she did was hold up her fists and say pick one, I picked digital, and I'm really glad I did because this came out really awesome.

Now as you can tell by the lineart Maddigan wasn't sitting in a chair originally, my idea was to have him setting up his tea in the middle of the woods using a rock as a chair, seeing as one of his many quirks is his absolute need to have tea at exactly six'o'clock no matter where he is. But when I had finished coloring him I decided he needed to be inside.

And a fireside tea party with a bite-size Alice just seems really cozy doesn't it?


Happy New Year!
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That's pretty cool.
This looks so amazing XD I'm glad you did this digitally, though if you had done it traditionally I know it would have come out just as wonderful.
Thank you very much! It was a real really fun to do it digitally after I decided to add a background, it ended up having a lot more atmosphere than it originally had.
I might want to eat her too <3 she's so cute, and boy does Maddigan look scary here!
Lol, I wonder what she tastes like? Maddigan doesn't look as scary as he normally does ;p I actually left out some detail to make him look a little more human since he's starting to change back XD
I have an inkling that she tastes a bit like strawberry jam.
I accept this inkling. We'll put that in the notes: Alice tastes like Strawberry Jam.
The-Katherinator Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*To Hatter Maddigan* :iconpokerfacememeplz: Sir... Will you marrow me?

(Yes, I meant to "marrow" instead of "marry" lol). Seriously though, this is amazingly well done and the attention to shading is immaculate! The heart is a nice touch too ;P.
Maddigan: Marrow?

(It doesn't matter because Maddigan doesn't know what a wedding or marriage is) Thank you very much XD The heart is almost comic relief, I think it would be too serious and dark without it, it gives the implication that he's joking whereas without it he might actually be planning to eat Alice. Can you imagine the conversation going on here? XD

Alice: Maddigan, I swear to God if you eat me...!
Maddigan: -whistling Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat as he pours his tea completely ignoring Alice's protests-
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